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Welcome To Viddicted

Viddicted is a short form video app where you can create content, watch trending videos, and share short videos. It is an ADULTS ONLY social media platform designed to showcase all genres of video creation.

Created to be an alternative to Tiktok type apps, Viddicted allows for less censorship, more freedom for creativity, and adult oriented content (NOT PORN). Other apps like Tiktok have sprouted up left and right since the threat to ban Tiktok in the United States was announced, but none have offered a platform that fully supports the LGBTQ, does not discriminate against people with disabilities, and gives equal opportunity to content creators to be featured regardless of physical appearance or experience.

We at Viddicted strive to provide a safe space for content creators of all kinds to post their artistic visions. All mainstream and many unique genres of short video are available on Viddicted to watch, share, and create.

If you have been looking for a Tiktok alternative, you have found your new home, with Viddicted.  


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An Adult Alternative to Tiktok

Step One:

Start by downloading the Viddicted app. For additional support also consider joining our Discord server.

Once you have the Viddicted app on your device, log-in and create a profile. Make sure to fill out your bio completely so other users know who you are and want to follow you.

Invite your friends to the Viddicted Video app. The more users you invite, the more people who will follow you, and the quicker your fanbase will grow.

Step Two:

Upload a video or create a new short video with the spectacular Viddicted editing options, huge music library, and filter and effects options.

If uploading short videos from Tiktok or apps like Tiktok, be sure to remove the watermarks (when possible) using services like SnapTik.

Be sure to add a good description and #hashtags to your video so other users can find your video and like, share, or comment on it.

Step Three:

Watch, like, and comment on videos from your Following or ForYou page. There is also a lot of content featured on the Discover page you are sure to love!

Make sure to check the Viddicted Discover Page often to see what #hashtags are popular or trending in realtime.

Share your Viddicted content, or content you love, on other social media platforms.

Download Viddicted 
the Adult Alternative to Tiktok